Can flat foot cause foot and ankle pain?

'Flat feet' Yes. Medial arch and/or transverse arch loss can cause foot and ankle pain by changing the normal 'architecture' of walking. A foot& ankle orthopedist consultation to address the 'flat feet' would be recommended to assess the need fir orthotics. Good luck.
Yes. Flat foot or pes planus can cause foot pain via altered biomechanics. There are different types of pes planus and it comes in different levels of severity. Especially when it is severe, it can be painful and it lead to an individual limiting his or her activity. This can lead to decline in other aspects of one's health. See an orthopaedic specialist or podiatrist for evaluation and treatment.
Yes. Yes. Your foot type (high arch, low arch) does play a role. Arch supports are advised if your arch has too much motion and is causing inflammation in the area.
Yes. Flat feet can cause foot and ankle pain. Flat feet can cause so many problems. Suggest x-ray to determine cause.

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Flat feet cause very bad foot and ankle pain?

Orthotics. You would need an evaluation by a foot and ankle specialist to determine the cause of your pain. Simple treatments include orthotcis and more extensive treatments can be surgical realignment of the foot. Read more...
Flat feet. Absolutely, plus knee, hip, and back pain as you get older. See foot specialist to control flat foot. Good Luck. Read more...
Maybe. Most people with this condition have no problems from it. It is no longer a factor in military recruits. If it seems to be a problem, see a podiatrist or orthopedic Dr. Read more...