Rotator cuff injury and brufen - what is the best treatment for this type of shoulder injury?

It depend. If you inflammation of the rotator cuff the treatment by using anti-inflammatory medication could in form tablets or injection in the shoulder area. If you have tear of the cuff and the tear is complete you need surgery for that.

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How do I tell whether a shoulder injury is bursitis or rotator cuff tear? Pain when lift arm up or sideways or bear weight. Treatment method same?

Get examined. "bursitis" of the shoulder and a rotator cuff tear can present w/ very similar symptoms (pain w/ motion of shoulder away from body, night pain, etc).However subacromial bursitis will generally improve w/ time, rot. Cuff tears usually not. A simple physical exam by an ors in most cases will be give u your answer. Occ. A diagnostic injection will be needed as well. A high quality MRI is definitive. Gl!
You usually can't. A simple exam of the shoulder should be able to give you the answer. If conservative therapies fail, an MRI would be helpful.