I want a breast lift surgery with no general anesthesia. Can I get that?

While I've done. Small breast lifts, like the benelli or "donut" method, that way, with just local anesthesia, I wouldn't recommend it for any of the more extensive breast lift procedures.
Yes but. Why when it is much easier to have general for you and the surgeon.
Not advisable. If you do not want to risk experiencing pain during the surgical procedure it is best to have a general anesthetic for breast lift surgery. An alternative would be local anesthesia with moderate to deep sedation, but depends on the extent of surgery performed. Most surgeons would rather you be asleep for the procedure.
Possibly. This will depend on the surgical technique, patient pain tolerance, surgeon preference, and should be fully discussed prior to surger. However, in my experience, this is best performed under general anesthesia particularly of it requires breast augmentation or implants.
Discuss with MD. The plastic surgeon should be able to do this with local anesthesia and some sedation medications. General anesthesia is not required.