What are the options for false teeth when veneers are not possible?

Crown/bridge/denture. If the tooth is still savagible, you need a crown. If the tooth is not savagible or you are talking about a missing teeth. Implant supported crown, bridge and partial dentures are your options. First 2 are fixed which means it will stay in your mouth all the time. Partial denture is removable which means it can be put in and taken out.
Crowns. I have more questions. Why aren't veneers an option? Why do you want "false teeth"? Crowns may be an option for you. Ask your dentist for the best option for your smile.
More information. There are too many treatment options to really advise you properly over the internet. While the answer seems simple, it is a complex issue based upon your specific individual circumstances. You should seek the advice of a general dentist or prosthodontist who can personally examine you and then discuss all your options, time and costs involved, pros\cons each option and make some recommendations.
Many options. You have many options for false teeth: snap-on-smile, dental crowns, dental implants, fixed bridges, or partial dentures. If you are trying to cover up a tooth look into crowns.