Can you play volleyball with a torn ACL if you use a brace or something?

Possbly. If the brace prevents the shifting sensation of the knee during participation then one could play. It is not a guarantee that more damage may occur while you play, particularly to the meniscus.
Yes. You can play volley ball with a brace, but no brace is 100% effective. Playing with or without a brace places your knee at risk for additional damage if you have a fall, unexpected contact, or other injury while on the court.

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Can you play football with a torn ACL if you use a brace and are careful?

Yes. At age 47 i'm assuming you are playing recreational football.If you have a well-fitted functional acl brace(don-joy defiance for example)and no other intrarticular injuries(meniscus tear) then u can try to play.Test it first by doing some hard 'cutting' on it at home or your local park.If it feels like its going to "give way' then u shouldn't play and possibly consider having it reconstucted.! Read more...