The dr. Popped my dislocated finger into place but now it is swollen. Is this normal?

Yes. It is normal to have swelling after a finger dislocation. As long as the finger is stable, meaning that there is no fracture and the finger is not able to easily be dislocated again, you may begin range of motion exercises, with warm soaks and an antiinflammatory such as advil (ibuprofen). However you should first consult your physician for further post dislocation care as your case may be atypical.
Yes. As the finger calms down from the trauma and the treatment, the swelling will go away.

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Are there any ways to treat a dislocated finger without pulling/popping it?

Not really. Some dislocated fingers reduce or set themselves. Others require traction and pressure in order to be reduced. See your doctor for more information. Read more...