Do dental implants have any effect on our health?

Absolutely. Dental implants are wonderful for positively effecting one's overall health. They allow for proper mastication of food, they allow for jaw bone support, they allow for TMJ support, they allow for facial support. It is great that these medical technologies have been invented for natural tooth replication.
In a positive way. Dental implants restore form and function to a mouth with missing teeth in a way dentures can not. Implants have been placed for a very long time and are a proven way of replacing missing teeth without cutting teeth adjacent to the space.
Yes. Usually a very positive effect in that they enable people to be able to chew and digest their food properly.
Yes, a very good one. My practice specializes in premier dental dentistry, and we have seen countless lives transformed. Most patients are expecting a positive impact emotionally and socially by achieving a stunning, yet entirely natural-looking smile.. However, Implants also provide a degree of stability and chewing efficiency similar to that of natural teeth.
Positive effect. Dental Implants have only positive effects on your health since they will enable you to function better during chewing. Dental implants are made of titanium which is also used in artificial hips and knees and is perfectly safe.
Yes. Yes the effect is usually positive as they help us to chew better.
Yes. Dental implants have many positive benefits to your health. Dental implants allow for proper chewing for good digestion, improved speech, and improved confidence. Dental implants help preserve the jawbone and prevent shrinkage seen with missing teeth. This can also prevent the premature aging of the face.
Of course. Dental implants can give you back your smile, chewing function and help you feel better about yourself.
Titanium allergies. While rare, titanium "sensitivities" have been well documented with medical and dental implants. Alternative choices are zirconium implants, tatalum implants or no implants!
Positive effect. They generally have a posiive effect on your health. They allow you to chew better and therefore digest things better. They help maintain the bone where a tooth was extracted. If they replace front teeth, they allow you to smile with confidence and this has a positive emotional and psychological effect. Additionally, they may restore your facial contours by replacing missing teeth.All good stuff !

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I'm a twenty-two yr. Old and I need full dental implants due to medical and health reasons. Who would be the best person to do the procedure?

Oral Surgeon . Because of your medical issues, I think you ought to start by having an evaluation by a well qualified Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon. (S)he will determine if you are a candidate for full mouth implants and advise you as to how to proceed. Perhaps a less drastic treatment plan is the better option. Get it checked out. Good luck. Read more...
See a dentist . You should see a dentist for diagnosis and treatment plan. Once you are informed of your options than you can get recommendations for an implant expert if that is what you need. Once you are cleared on the plan of action than you can also get a second opinion. At the end you must go with a dentist that you feel comfortable and trust. Look up their credentials and their reviews as well. . Read more...