I have an artificial ankle replacement coming up, what can I expect and what can I do to prepare?

Talk to your surgeon. Talk to your surgeon preoperatively about the planned procedure, potential risks and complications, the expected outcome, and your expected recovery and return to activity. Being prepared preoperatively will ensure you have realistic expectations.
The best. Expect the best. You may be maybe the hospital for 1 to 3 days. You may be nonweightbearing for 4-8 weeks. Expect your full recovery to take one year duration. However, you will have range of motion of your ankle joint.
MD Instructions. Your ortho md should have given you instructions to prepare you for your surgery and what follows. In short, recovery from ankle replacement takes many months. You will be able to bear weight relatively soon after the surgery. However, it will take many months to regain full range of motion and normalize your walking pattern. For more information please visit www. Orthodoc. Aaos. Org/footankle.