Is there any alternative to propofol for plastic surgery due to platelet dysfunction with propofol?

Anesthesia Choices? Yes, there are many alternatives to propofol. Propofol is an excellent medication used for many patients; however, other medications such as benzodiazepines (for example versed) and others are available with equal efficacy. Of course, each medication has its pros/cons and your anesthesiologist will be your best resource when it comes to more specifics. Best wishes.
Many alternatives. Ask to speak with the anesthesiologist or anesthetist working with your surgeon to discuss all the options. Certainly they should be able to work out an alternative.
Yes. Propofol is a relatively new anesthetic, however prior to its invention, anesthesia was perform safely using sedatives and anesthetic gas. Thus all anesthesiologists are trained to perform anesthesia using a variety of methods not just with propofol.
Anesthesia. Don't ask your surgeon about anesthetic techniques. Just as you shouldn't consult your anaesthesiologist about surgical technique.
Yes. Although I am unaware of this reaction to propfol, there are other anesthetic agents that can be used in its place for breast augmentation surgery. Speak to your plastic surgeon and/or the anesthesiologist about your options.
Propofol is. A safe medication when used appropriately. I am unaware of issues with platelet dysfunction. We use it commonly in plastic surgery.
Propofol is optional. Propofol is well-suited to provide sedation for short procedures because its effects quickly dissipate. It is usually used in combination with a narcotic (e.g. Fentanyl) to provide analgesia. You don't "need" propofol. Not all patients need or want sedation as long as they are not in pain. Other medications (e.g. Midazolam) can be be used to reduce anxiety and provide sedation.
Various Alternatives. There are many ways to have anesthesia without propofol. These details can be worked out by your plastic surgeon, and anesthesiologist. Best to go to a board certified plastic surgeon. Together you will come up with a plan.
Anesthesia options. Depending on the procedure you are having done there may be more options than just propofol. Much will depend on the facility where your are having the procedure done. I would request to speak to the providing anesthesiologist to inquire about available equipment/monitoring and anesthetic options before proceeding.