What are the risks involved with breast enlargement?

Surgical risks. Risks of surgery include bleeding, infection, scars, fluid collections, and asymmetry. Implant related complications include implant failure or rupture, implant exposure, malposition, and capsular contracture. Capsular contracture is the formation of firm scar tissue around the implant resulting in asymmetry, implant deformation, visibility of the implant, and pain in very severe cases.
FDA POSITION. This is a long and detailed discussion. While these implants are relatively safe, all surgery carries risksyou may also want to review the fda position statement on this subject: http://www. Fda. Gov/medicaldevices/productsandmedicalprocedures/implantsandprosthetics/breastimplants/default. Htm the benefits are the improvement in self-esteem and self-confidence that you will feel with your new figure.
Varies per individua. There can be some loss of superficial sensation around nipples. There can be usual complications that are associated like with any other surgery. Because elective, need to make sure otherwise healthy and no contraindications to surgery.