How much would eyelid surgery cost and is there a minimum age?

Eyelid surgery. The cost of cosmetic eyelid surgery varies by surgeon and demographic location. Also, every surgeon is different and performs the surgery slightly different. Make sure that your surgeon is board certified and trained in this type of surgery. The typical pateint is >35 years old.
Commonly after 30. Because eyelid surgery costs include operating room and anesthesia fees the costs are quite variable. The most common age to first consider this is usually mid-thirties to early forties. There are also familial or genetic influences that may cause patients to consider this earlier. Blepharoplasty improves puffiness, a tired look or excess eyelid skin.
Cost is variable. There is no minimum age but very few plastic surgeons would perform eyelid surgery on a patient younger than 18 years old. It is critical that the patient have reasonable maturity and a mature outlook on the perceived benefits of the surgery. An eyelid procedure typically cost between $2000 and $5000 depending upon the surgeon and region. I hope this information is helpful. Stephen weber, M.D.