What are the effects of HPV on labor and delivery?

Usually none . However, the decision of your provider as to the type of delivery is important.
Usually none . Hpv infection rarely causes a problem during delivery. Very large genital warts can block the birth canal and cause bleeding in rare cases. Although most cases of hpv infection resolve on their own the bigger risk is that precancerous cells of the cervix get worse during the time of the pregnancy. This will be monitored by your doctor.
HPV effect on labor. To my knowledge hpv doesn't have an effect on labor or delivery. Nevertheless, there is a minimal chance that the child passing through an infected area will contract hpv. In most cases the baby will clear the virus spontaneously. The greater risk is to the mom during her pregnancy, and that if she has high risk hpv her cervix may change for the worse pathologically. She needs screening!
None. Hpv is the virus responsible for genital warts and abnormal pap smears, leading to cervical cancer. Once thought to be one virus, we now know that there are over 100 strains and that close to 80% of all adults have or have had hpv exposure. If there are no large warts blocking the birth canal, then no changes to the routine birth plan are made and a routine delivery should be anticipated.