What doctor should I see if I think I have lymphedema?

See a Phlebologist. A phlebologist or surgeon may be the specialist to see. There, however are not many physicians even in those specialties who are well trained in caring for this problem.
Vascular specialist. Compression and lymphatic massage are the mainstays of therapy for lymphedema. As lymphedema is a diagnosis of exclusion, make sure you see a vascular specialist and that other causes of swelling have been ruled out.
Lymphedema. Vascular surgeon would be the best option for evaluation and treatment options.
Possibly.. A microsurgeon.. http://blog.winniepalmerhospital.com/live-surgery-watch-drs-klein-lee-and-feiner-perform-vascular-lymph-node-transfer-vlntx/.
Ideally ... You should see a lyphedema specialist. Unfortunately, there are very few around. The next best thing would be to see a vein specialist, vascular medicine specialist, vascular surgeon, and internist who has a special interest in lymphedema. What would be most helpful would be to hook up with a lymphedema therapist and a lymphedema support group.