I got a spider bite a week ago. By the third day iwas infected. Culture said it was mrsa. Am on antibiotics. How contagious is it for my 18mo old?

Potentially - The history often recalled by patients diagnosed with community acquired MRSA (ca-mrsa) , is that of a " spider bite". If you have an open wound draining pus, you are quite contagious especially if it's not covered and your child touches it. Some recommendations include: 1.Cover the wound, 2. Wash hands thoroughly, 3. Don't share personal items (eg. Towels), 4. Observe excellent hygiene.
MRSA. Keep the area covered take antibiotics. Always worrisome that this organism gains access to house hold.Observe for infection common for skin infection. Consult your physicain. Can develope nasal carrier state. Whichcan be treated.