I haven't missed a period yet and I think im pregnant how long should I wait to take a home pregnancy test? And when is the best times to take one?

One week. Your hormone level start elevating after you conceive. A week after your flow is overdue is a good time to check. The levels will be high enough to be detected on the home pregnancy test. Blood work is more sensitive and that can be detected a week after you have conceived.
Period. Doubt pregnancy if periods are normal in timing and duration. Home pregnancy test can help as to timing usually related to periods stopping so now ok.

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Should I take a home pregnancy test before a missed period?

EPT. For more accuracy - consider taking an early pregnancy test (because HCG levels might not be high enough to trigger a standard home pregnancy test prior to missed period).

I have a few question missed period five days late I was scared to take a home pregnancy test I made a doctors appointment today noticed a lil bleedi

Probably not. Your probably not pregnant, however it is possible. I don't know why you are scared to get a home pregnancy test. A pregnancy test is going to be the first thing your doctor will order.

I took a home pregnancy test and it came back positive after missed period took a second one that came back neg. Help?

Preg test. At your age of 48 (am I correct?), the hormone lh, is likely elevated in your body due to being peri menopausal. This hormone cross reacts with beta hcg (the prgnancy hormone). See your gyn for confirmation of this.

How long after a missed period is a first response at home pregnancy test reliable?

Back to high school. If you were sexual during ovulation and got pregnant then testing starting the morning after the first day of a missed period should be valid.