What is best for anxiety when taking paxil (paroxetine)? (still have it after many years)

Answer below. Ssri's alone may not result in complete remission of symptoms, and are often less effective after years of therapy. Many patients require adjunctive treatment with benzodiazepines, antipsychotics, beta-blockers, mood-stabilizers and psychotherapy. All of the adjunctive therapies have pros and cons, and therapy is individualized and truly "trial-and-error".
Further eval/treat. No individual advice, but in general if one has been taking ssri medication for many years and is still having disruptive symptoms, this shoudl be discussed with the prescribing doctor. Dose may need to be adjusted or other meds. Certainly if cognitive-behavioral therapy has not been done in combination with meds, in individuals with anxiety problems - this woud be worth the effort.