Can Depakote harm your liver and stomach?

Maybe. Depakote may affect the liver in some patients. Md may monitor your liver enzymes as a guide. Certain formulations of Depakote may affect the stomach. Discuss with your md. Taking medication with food may help.

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Acetaminophen and depakote, both are hard to liver, but there is no interaction between these? Is it safe? Nsaids cause stomach upset and heatburn

It's ok. As long as you have no liver disease and take the acetominophen sparingly (not high doses daily) then there should be no problem to the liver. Your doctor should monitor your liver tests with blood work periodically.
Yes, it's safe. As long as you don't use more than 2 gm acetaminophen daily for long term and don't use any other products (eg OTC supplements, alcohol) which may potentially cause liver problems. Thanks.