Can IVF cause endometriosis?

No. Ivf does not cause endometriosis. Endometriosis can require ivf and can make ivf less successful. But endometriosis is common no one really understands the true cause.
Not likely. These two are not likely to be related.

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Could endometriosis cause failed ivf?

IVF endometriosis. Endometriosis can cause scar tissue, inflammation and immune response problems that interfere with fertility. This is a problem with natural processes and advanced reproductive technology, such as ivf.

Can IVF be used with endometriosis?

Yes. Ivf is sometimes used to treat infertility due to endometriosis, although the presence of an endometrioma can reduce ivf success.
Yes? Depo Lupron (leuprolide) 1st. Some patients with endometriosis need ivf to conceive, either due to low ovarian reserve (low egg supply), scar tissue or blocked tubes, or both. There is some evidence that depo-lupron treatment before ivf may improve the chances of success.

Does endometriosis affect IVF taking into consideration that a surgery has been done to remove the tissues?

Yes and no. The cause of endometriosis is unknown. The model describing endometrial implants is an unproven theory. Once the diagnosis has been made, invasive treatments are often undertaken based on speculation and this model. Invasive treatments can evoke fertilization-impeding adhesions. Women with endometriosis have dysparunia, which might limit sexual activity and potential fertilization events.

Does removal of endometriosis before ivf/icsi make any difference or are my chances the same if I went ahead without having surgery first?

Chances improved. Your chances for successful IVF are much improved if most of the Endometriosis is removed prior to conception. IVF is so expensive/egg retrieval that you will want the optimal outcome (pregnancy) to occur with the first implantation or two.

What's the biggest issue affecting IVF success for patients with endometriosis? Egg quality? Implantation?

Inflammation. Endometriosis is an inflammatory disease. Ivf avoids the problems with fertilization and egg transport, but there absolutely still could possibly still be issues with egg quality and with implantation.

I know theres issues with embryo implantation due to endometriosis. Is there something to take to improve chances of implantation with ivf?

Yes. The medications your fertility specialist gave you will help improve your chances of successful pregnancy. Try not to add any other factors that might muddy the waters and impede your doctor's process in helping you.

Is it harmful to transfer more than one embryo for IVF in a patient with endometriosis? This is my only shot with IVF and want to increase my chances.

What did the IVF. Doc tell you, only they should be answering that question and any other questions regarding any aspect of that u may have because they know u and your situation and how good the embryos look, often more than one is transferred.

I have got endometriosis. I have been trying for baby for last three years but no luck. My doctor said that I might need IVF. I just wana know is ther?

Try IUI first. First of all, if your husband has provided a normal sperm analysis, the MD should eradicate as much of the existing endometrial implants as possible before embarking on GnRh agonist suppression medication for up to 6 months. Secondly, IUI (Intra uterine insemination) is less expensive than IVF as long as your Fallopian tubes are open. A Fertility GYN MD can be of immense help in this venture.