I am 34 weeks pregnant with hb9.6. With RBC count3.24.On iron supplements. My CBC reports reads normochromic normocytic, no polychromasia. Is it normal?

Ask your OB. And make sure u are on a good iron supplement- many of the otc ones are garbage , but some of the newer ones like ferralet 90 and iron 150 from vitamedmd work much better and do not make u constipated, if you are worried your OB can refer u to a hematologist for that doc opinion, why yiour hb is low it would be much more worrisome if u were below 9.0.
No. Anemia in pregnancy or otherwise is not normal. More information is needed for a determination of the cause of anemia that will dictate the treatment. Please consult this site and discuss the matter with your doctor. http://www.webmd.com/baby/guide/anemia-in-pregnancy.