My thyroid is swollen, my neck feels tight, I have trouble swollowing and its like there's a lump in my throat. Also, iexperience some pain in my ear. What should I do?

Need follow-up SOON! Not sure how long these symptoms have been present, but this requires attention soon - you may have an infection that will not resolve on its own, and the swelling could be problematic by itself. Seek medical help for this right away.
Thyroid. It may be a goiter. A fancy word for enlarged hardened thyroid. Sometimes this effects the amount of thyroid hormone that is in your blood. These hormones are extremely important for many body systems namely your metabolism. See an md for exam and possibly a blood test to measure hormone level. Good luck.
Neck problems. Many possibilities of things that got wrong, but they can be sorted out. Ent exam, ct scan, thyroid ultrasound, GI problems for the esophageal portion, etc. Ask your doctor, but do not delay. It may be serious.
Goiter. Need to see physician. Enlargement of thyroid has many causes including cancer. :.