Actually my skin is so sensitive so my feet are badly cracked and become dry and so hardy. How can I do soften mt feet and remove from cracking?

Skin Emollients. It is very important, especially with the colder weather months ahead, that you care for the skin on your feet. Could be a fungal component too. The cracks and fissures should be cleansed and sealed. Use skin softening agents and emollients after bathing. Wear socks during slumber with lotion on your feet. Try paraffin bathes.. See your podiatrist or dermatologist or endocrinologist. www.msfas.c.
Pedicure & lotion. Get a pedicure first to remove the dead, dry skin. Then use lotion or light oil on the feet daily before bed to moisturize the skin. If you live near a beach, you can also walk in the sand barefoot to buff the bottom of your feet. If there is itching, you may have a fungal infection as well in which case you should get a fungal cream.