After an ectopic pregnancy, my cycle varies month to month. How do I know when im ovulating?

LH kit. Keep track of exactly when your periods are starting and stopping, and start using ovulation predictor kits. They are available over the counter.

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I had a rupturd ectopic pregnancy and lost my left tube and ovary. I have a cycle varying from 33 - 35 days. I get a possitive ovulation test last cycle on cd 21. but had af 2 weeks later. My question is. If I get a possitive ovulation test will my e

Consult needed. unfortunately, because of the character limit on healthTap I am unable to understand your full question, but it seemed somewhat complex. You have a delayed period, but you still ovulate. Are you trying to get pregnant? Are you thinking about when to time intercourse? Would be happy to field a consultation. Read more...