I have a glucose in urine reading of 294. The doctor is reluctant in getting a blood test for confirming diabetes. I am on paracetamol for about 1 mon?

Get tested. It's very important to confirm the diagnosis of diabetes if you have it. This disease has strong ramifications lifelong. The tests are easy to do. Ask your doc to order a fasting sugar and an a1c. See a different doc if he/she is not helping you. Good luck.
Need additional test. Paracetamol or over-the-counter Acetaminophen can cause liver toxicity. The usually acute toxic dose is 4000mg in 24 hours. However, this dose may be lower to 2000mg in 24 hours for those patients with pre-existing liver abnormality. As for elevated blood glucose, one of the diagnostic criteria for type ii diabetes mellitus is random fasting blood glucose >126mg/dl on two or more occasions.