Hello doctor I have flat feet what exercises I have to do to get rid of flat feet without any operation?

None. There are no exercise available to get rid of flat feet. The arch is made out of bone and supported by ligaments and tendons.
Flat Feet. Flat feet or pes planus is a biomechanical condition that may be caused by weakness in the intrinsic muscles of the feet. Podiatrists can fabricate orthotics for your feet to help to center and support the longitudinal arch. Exercises may be done to ameliorate plantar fasciitis but they cannot create an arch. You can use a tennis ball and roll it under your feet and massage may also help.
Flat feet. Arch support inserts for shoes help but don't permanently correct the problem. Some recommend foot exercise in which, while sitting, u grab a handtowel with toes and scrunch it towards you. Repeat several times each day. Another exercise is to stand on step with toes & ball of foot only (hold on to railing for support); lower heel short distance & then raise it back up; repeat.