Is there a genetic test to see how long someone will survive with breast cancer?

No. Many factors influence how long someone with breast cancer will survive, but there is no genetic test that can predict this.
No. Your survival with breast cancer primarily depends on how advanced the tumor is when it is diagnosed, the tumor markers and how adequately it can be treated. Genetic testing can be performed on the tumor to determine if it is a highly aggressive tumor or a less aggressive tumor. Depending on the extent of the cancer, gene testing may play some role in choosing therapy and predicting outcomes.

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Has anyone had or heard of a genetic test you can have to see if you are at risk for breast cancer?

BRCA Testing. The brca test is a simple blood test that can determine if someone carries a mutation that puts them at high risk for developing breast and/or ovarian cancer. In general, we advise testing the member of the family who had cancer first & then testing others who want the test only if a mutation was found. Remember:most breast cancers are not hereditary. Check link in comments to see if you qualify.
BrCA 1 and 2. We can test forcertaintypes of hereditary breast cancer caused by the brca genes 1 and 2. There is also a test for lynch syndrome that causes increased risk of polyposis colorectal cancer, breast, and uterine cancer. Tests are available for li fraumeni which is very rare. We think that more (and cheaper) genetic testing will be available in the next several years.

Should I get a genetic test if breast cancer runs in my family in aunts and cousins?

Test them first. In general, we look most closely at first-degree relatives (mom, sister, daughter), but it is still pertinent, especially if they are young. It is always best to have the members of your family who have had breast cancer get the brca test first. If they are brca (+), you can get tested for that specific mutation at a much lower cost; if they are (-), your family can feel comfortable about their risks.
Depends. First find a genetic counselor or a high risk breast specialist. They can assess your risk. A lot depends on the number of second order relatives, their ages at diagnosis, whether any were bilateral - and any other cancers in your family -especially ovarian, colon, or uterine. The office visit is not too expensive, but the actual test is.
Genetic testing. Perhaps, yes. But, before you do the test, you should have a detail discussion re - what is your risk for certain cancers-, what kind of genetic testing needed, how to interprete the result, what the consequencies of the test are etc- those above are things you should discuss either wih your oncologist or with a genetic counsellor. Discuss with your oncologist in detail.

Is it a good idea to obtain a genetic test using 23andme? It would be good to know what major diseases, such as breast cancer, I am vulnerable to.

Not a parlour game. A person should not undertake such testing without thinking about the impact now and in the future. I refer patients considering obtaining special testing or their genome to a genetic counselor or medical geneticist. Either can determine optimal testing for most patients and discuss details of what, where, when and how much to do. Nb: through rock health there's a connection between our founders.
Family want to know? Your question is a very important one. A person should not undertake such testing without thinking about the impact on family members also. I highly recommend that my patients considering obtaining special testing or their genome speak with a genetic counselor or medical geneticist. We have some prominent physicians on healthtap who have board certification in genetics. I will refer this to them.
Too early to say. This is a company that seems to have been created for this purpose. Having said that, I don't think they have the experience of interpretation that medical services, like karyotyping in cytogenetics provide. These are done only when warranted by sickness. It is also important to know that genetic discrimination can occur from this, which might lead to problems. More planning may be needed.
It depends on you! I believe genetic testing will be an extremely important and standard tool in the future. There is evidence that tests like this can tell whether you are more or less susceptible to many diseases. That said, genetics alone do not determine health risks; diet and lifestyle often play a larger role; fortunately, 23andme acknowledges this & discusses what is known about this. Please see my comment:.

Maternal and paternal gma had breast cancer, fathers sister was just diagnosed. Strong enough history to warrant U/S or genetic test? I'm 25 and s. Asian

Just caution. These are distant relatives, so the risk for you is not particularly high (unless your mother or sisters had breast Cancer). Yet you should do a once monthly breast self examination for any lumps or any changes in the size and shape of your breasts. You do not need to do any tests unless there is any lump palpable. Starting at age 40 you should get a mammogram once every one or two years. Good luc.
YES, definitely for. Genetic testing, not only for you but have it recomended for all females (siblings/cousins/aunts/nieces) of your family. BEst check with your PCP as to specifically should get it. Good Luck.

My aunt has breast cancer & also my mother.3 weeks ago my aunt did the genetic test &the results came negative. Does my mom has to do the test also?

Genetic testing. Depends on how many first (parent, sibling etc) and second degree relatives (aunts, grand parents) have cancer ; the type of cancer. If there are other female cancers in the family, then genetic counseling and testing may be indicated.
Reasonable choice. Significant family history (also check for uterine, ovarian, colon, prostate). Could have implications for you if positive on your mom.

How much does genetic testing for breast cancer cost?

Depends. If you are paying cash it is expensive. Over $1000. But if you are a risk or qualify, it may be covered by your insurance. Call your insurance and see if they cover it.
Depends. If you have a valid reason to be tested-first degree family members, breast cancer under age of 50, others in family with brca positive test (to name a few)-then it should be covered by your insurance carrier. Depending on your insurance plan and deductible, there may not be any out of pocket cost.

How many relatives need to have had breastcancer before you should get genetic testing for the BRCA genes? My mother contracted breast cancer, I am 40

Other factors must. Be considered. If your mom had a harmful BRCA1 or BRCA2 mutation, breast cancer diagnosed before age 50, cancer in both breasts, both breast and ovarian cancers, multiple breast cancers or your ethnicity is Ashkenazi Jewish, talk to your GYN about genetic counseling to evaluate your potential risk.
Usually 2. With some exceptions, the number is two first-degree relatives (mom/sisters), before screening for BRCA. Exceptions include if there is a history of ovarian cancer, pre-menopausal breast cancer (age.
See genetics. Most breast cancer is NOT due to an inherited risk, but rather occurs by chance. Family history that suggests an inherited risk, such as changes in the BRCA1 gene or BRCA2 gene, include multiple relatives with cancer over more than one generation and younger ages of onset. If you are concerned about an inherited risk, see a geneticist who can assess your family history.

Who should get breast cancer genetic testing?

Family history. It may be useful for a woman with strong family history of breast cancer. Even in that case the woman should consider what she would do with the results before getting the tests done. It is best to consult your doctor to detemine if a genetic test may be warranted.
Start w/affected pt. Pesonal and family risk factors assoc w/brca mutation: muliple fam members, bil breast cancer, male breast cancer, ovarian cancer, ashkenazi jewish heritage (specific founder mutations), diagnosis age <50 (dx age < 60 if er/pr/her2 - or triple negative). Both maternal and paternal history is important.