I'm having sever coccyx pain when doin anything....Coughing, laughing, sitting, standing, walking etc everything hurts it almost in tears any ideas?

Coccyxodynia. Can be very frustrating difficult to treat satisfactorially but usually not a serious threat to health i begin with crays then local injection withor without steriods surgical removal of coccyx has a dubious past and present try to avoid start with primary care then pain mgmt narcotics do little good long term ortho spine useful as well.
Female coccyx. The pelvis (the hinge between the hip bones) can be tipped by pregnancy, falls on the coccyx, or spasms in the low back. Pressure from the organs in the pelvis (bladder, uterus, and rectum) translate directly to the coccyx. Please check with your doctor for an internal exam and risk of infection in this area. You are having significant symptoms for someone your age.