I was diagnosed with mitral regurgitation and enlarged left atrium, now lately I've been getting a lot of chest pain sometimes everyday. What could it be?

Get it checked out. Mitral regurgitation is when the mitral valve leaks blood back into the left atrium. This can definitely cause the left atrium to enlarge. However, this typically doesn't cause pain per se. Shortness of breath, funny heart rhythms, fatigue are all possible symptoms. Some, however, describe things differently. I recommend you get this checked into. Chest pain can also be something serious.
Not MR. Mitral regurgitation causes enlargement of the left atrium but does not cause chest pain. (ever). Chest pain has many causes including: artery blockage, pneumonia, pleurisy, arthritis, muscle soreness, acid reflux, gall stones, stomach ulcers - to name a few. You need a work up.

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