Is a constant blood calcium level of 10.1 and constant kidney stones a possible parathyroid problem with a normal pth level?

It is Possible! What is the PTH level? What is your 24 hour urine level?
Maybe. There are some patients with mild hypercalcemia and high normal PTH levels that do have hyperparathyroidism. I would not, however, quickly turn to surgery. An endocrinologist could do further workup to help support the diagnosis and i would be sure to have specifically locallizing imaging studies before i would proceed with surgey in this rare case.
Stones and Calcium. With a calcium level of 10.1, it is unlikely that you have primary hyperparathyroidism (hpt), as your calcium (c) is not elevated. You can have your doctor order a parathyroid hormone level, to confirm you have no problem with your parathyroid glands. I would get a 24 hour urine collection for c and uric acid to see if there are medication you can take to prevent your stones. Good luck.

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Urologist sent me for tests because of kidney stones. Parathyroid hormone level is at 85.8. Calcium in blood is 8.6. What does this mean?

Kidney stones. I am a little surprised that you have kidney stones with the numbers you present. Calcium is a bit low and PTH a bit high. If the Urologist has not discussed this with you please call him! If the Urologist did discuss this with you but you are still not sure how good or bad this is (independent of kidney stones) , you must see the Urologist. Please let me know what develops. Read more...