Symtoms of an appendicitis?

Rt lower pain. The pain starts around the belly button and then settles in the right lower quadrant of the abdomen along with loss of appetite. Mild fever.
Abdominal Pain. There are many different symptoms. The classic presentation is that of generalized abdominal pain, followed by nausea and vomiting along with fever and chills. The reality is that patients report a multitude of different symptoms. The main complaint is abdominal pain that just doesn't go away after 6 hours. If you are awakened by abdominal pain, and it doesn't go away, see a doc!

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What are the symtoms of having appendicitis?

Pain and illness. Usually gradual onset mid abdominal discomfort that gets worse and moves to the right lower abdomen, getting worse over 24-48 hours. Usually do not feel like eating. Sometimes fever or vomiting. Painful abdomen to move around or walk.