I have 56 assorted pills (singergix, adalat (nifedipine) cc, cozaar, arcoxia, altruline, also a 2.5mg clonazepam what happens if I ingest all of it at once?

See below . I have to be real concerned that you would even consider taking these pills "all at once" if you are looking to get high dont. The effects are too unpredictable. If your motivation is to hurt yourself, get to a doc or er (or call 911) as soon as possible.
Really BAD idea. You must know it would be a really bad idea to ingest all those pills at once. If you're in crisis, you can call 1-800-273-talk (8255). They answer 24/7. I agree with my colleague about going over with your doctor what pills are needed and what ones aren't. A psychiatric evaluation would be a good idea also, to see what has you upset enough to want to overdose, and how best to help you.
56 pills....! If you have 56 pills, you have way, way too many medicines. You should package them all up in a sack and take them down to your doctor, sit down with him/her go through them one by one, and decide what's essential, what's out of date, and what may be unnecessary.