What is bladder retention?

Retention of urine.. Urinary retention is the inability of the bladder to empty properly. This can be due to a variety of reasons, generally categorized as either the inability for the bladder to contract and expel urine, or due to an obstruction. Failure to expel can be due to diabetes, neurologic problems, of failure of the detrusor muscle. Obstruction can be due to prostate, stricture, or stones.
Inability to urinate. It is inability to urinate which can be caused either due to an obstruction in the urethra (the tube that takes urine from the bladder to the outside world) or due to the bladder being unable to contract and squeeze the urine out. This can be evaluated by a urologist or a urogynecologist and via a test called uroflowmetry to assess bladder pressure. A cystourethrascopy may also be useful!

Related Questions

What causes bladder retention?

Many reasons. A lazy bladder (atony) due to neurological cause or medicine. Also block like big prostate or narrow urethra. See urology.

Does baclofen work fast for bladder retention?

It can. Baclofen is a skeletal muscle relaxant. If the retention is caused by non-relaxing pelvic floor muscles, then a muscle relaxant such as Baclofen can be very effective and can start to work within a few days.

Is bladder retention and ruptured disc related?

Possibly. Possibly it depends on both the acuity an the location of the herniated disc. Spinal shock can cause urinary retention in the early stages of spinal injury. Low lumbar and sacral injuries can result in long term urinary retention.

Is it possible to have been born with a larger than normal bladder and then be mis-diagnosed with bladder retention?

No, Although functional bladder capacity varies among people, they should be able to empty their bladder. Of no doubt, you have noticed progressive slowing urine flow resulting in having to stand closer ; closer to urinal and taking longer time to finish a peeing. Fact: people accept slowing flow comes with age and wouldn't seek attention until having enough personal inconvenience...So, listen to doc.

Bladder retention appeared when I began using Depakote in 1999. Never considered the cause--not listed side effect. Why continued when later listed?

Yes it is reported. There was a study of 27, 713 patients who were Depakote users and 93 people that is 0.34%had urinary retention. Urinary retention is reported by people with multiple sclerosis, depression, high blood pressure, pain and osteoporosis.

Could I have urinary retention or a shy bladder?

Here are some. .. Yes, it may develop in few without obvious disorders of nerve system, but simply from inadequate relaxation and opening of urinary sphincter to coordinate the sequential contraction of bladder muscle (detrusor) so to maintain normal pressure inside bladder during peeing. This condition could be suspected by detailing voiding Hx as well as testing and following residual urine, etc. Under medical Rx.