Can smoking affect hCG level after fet?

Yes. Smoking can affect all aspects of infertility. It causes an earlier menopause, it can decrease the number and quality of eggs, and likely increases genetic abnormalities in eggs. All of this affect the pregnancy itself. Smoking also has effects of the uterus and can decrease the ability of the pregnancy to implant. So it is one of the most important things to try to stop if trying for pregnancy.
No, but. It should not...But you really shouldn't be smoking after FET or when pregnant anyway, right? :).

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I had FET on 24-5 my hCG level on 9-6 was 2745.I started bleeding on 11-6 my hCG was 5400 on 17-6 my hCG came down to1200 can't see any sac on u/s?

See below. Possible miscarriage (if you passed the sac) versus ectopic pregnancy if no pregnancy in the uterus (no sac). Please discuss further with your fertility specialist.

My hCG level tested after 14 days of FET and it shows 19.32, is it really conceived? Is there any possibility to increase hCG afterwards.

Retest. I feel quite confident that your doctor scheduled you to have a repeat bhcg test to confirm that the levels are rising. This is usually done a few days to a week after the first one. Once you have two numbers you can establish a rising trend indicating that things are going well.

After frozen embryo transfer my hCG level is 38 is this normal?

Depends. It depends on how long after transfer the test was done. Usually it's the rate of rise rather than any single level that's more important.

After frozen embryo transfer, I have hCG level is 38 is this normal?

Depends. On how long ago you were implanted. HCG levels are quite variable. If you have concerns, contact your fertility medicine doctor. If you develop severe pain or bleeding, call your doctor. Hope this helps!

I had frozen embryo transfer on 1/28/2015 My 4th beta test showed 332 as HCG level. Is it good or bad?

Beta HCG level. Sometimes with embryo transfer, the implantation into the uterine wall is delayed, so the generation of beta HCG may be as well. Any level above 10 is associated with pregnancy, but "332" is low, and should be checked again in five to seven days, since the rise should be rapid. If bleeding or one sided pain occurs, see your healthcare provider immediately.