Is there a test done for a septoplasty?

Exam, imaging. Exam plus xrays or CT scan. See ENT doc for this procedure.
A good exam. There is no "test" to determine if a septoplasty is appropriate. A good history and a good physical exam is required. I generally look for someone who has a fixed obstruction, that is, they are always clogged on one side, independent of allergies, infections, etc. And when i actually look in, the septum significantly deviates to that side. It's these patients that i know will do great with surg.
Ct scan/ exam. Usually a physical exam can determine the amount of septal deviation. A coronal ct scan nicely delineates the anatomy.
Exam only. There are no tests typically required to determine if a septoplasty will help improve your nasal breathing. An office examination is typically enough to determine how to proceed. I hope this information is helpful. Stephen weber, M.D., f.A.C.S. Lone tree facial plastic surgeon.
Septoplasty Test. While no test can be done to determine the need for a septoplasty, a ct scan can be very helpful in evaluating the septum. In fact, many insurance companies are now requiring a ct scan prior to preauthorization.