My sprained ankle isn't swollen, or red. But it pains me greatly to put any ki d of pressure on it. Any further suggestions?

Seek medical care. Most sprains are just that, sprains. If symptoms persists or weight bearing causes pain theses are considered "red flags" for more significant injury such as unrecognized fracture. See a sports medicine physician, orthopedist, podiatrist, family practice physiatrist or other qualified medical provider.
Ankle pain. Ankle pain can occur from a host of things such as a sprain or tearing of ligaments and even stress fractures. You would need to see a podiatrist to take x-rays and evaluate it. Talar dome fractures can occur and must be ruled out. An MRI may be needed to see which tendons are damaged. Use rice therapy and seek professional help.
Ankle pain. While i agree with all the suggestions , you really need that evaluated - again it it already was. After that length of time things should be getting better. I would suspect talar dome fracture or loose body for which you need further radiographic studies/ mri.
See a podiatrist. You could have a torn ligament. Need evaluation.
Yes. You should be icing, elevating and resting the injured limb. The compression of the ace bandage will reduce the swelling but the other tasks are just as important. If you find you do not see any improvement in your pain after a week or so, or if you should have severe pain when walking, you should visit the doctor to have the ankle examined.
Ankle Sprain. Are you sure you sprained it? Did you have a mechanism of injury with or without the feeling of a pop? Were you able to walk afterward? Did it swell initially? How long ago did this happen? If it has been more than 6 weeks it is certainly concerning and should be followup. If it happened this week it may represent a grade 1 sprain and should be better in 7-10 days.
Don't put any . Pressure on it. Even though, by so doing you are technically applying pressure, i would wrap it in an ace bandage or the likes. Uniform pressure likely won't hurt as much will keep swelling down and protect against instability. Also, ice it as much as you can, .