My 18 month daughter has little red bumps on her nose.?

Mild reaction. Most likely irritation of some kind if no where else on the body. Thry moisturizing for a few days. If no better call your doctor.

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Daughter has red bumps on her nose.? .

How old. If the child is a newborn, it could be milia. After that it can be anything from a freckle to acne to cellulitis or a skin infection. For these a picture is very helpful to narrow down what is a large list of possibilities.

My daughter recently got a rash, they look like little red bumps but real close together. They are all up her arm and down her torso to hip one side.

Many possibilities. Rashes are quite difficult to sort out without an exam. This could be something simple like a reaction to something that touched the skin or the result of a viral infection. If it is bothersome or persistent I would have your pcp look at it.

My daughter has small red bumps all over her body. Injection site of last immunization bruised, swelling with bumps in it?

Allergic reaction? Red, raised bumps are most commonly a sign of an allergic reaction. Swelling and bruising is not unexpected at the site of any injection, however. If there are any signs of difficulty breathing or fever, then a personal evaluation would be prudent. If she is otherwise normal, observe and contact pediatrician if it does not resolve. Report the reaction to the pediatrician.

I never had acne at all growing up. For the last two months I've had small red bumps on my nose to my forehead in one patch that doesn't go away?

Acne. Acne can happen at any age, not just adolescence. A dermatologist can give your recommendations on treatment if over the counter products are not working.