What is a psa number the range when you know you have cancer?

0-4.0. Psa or prostate specific antigen is secreted by the prostate cells. A high number can mean prostate infections, an enlarged prostate gland due to benign causes, or prostate cancer. Diagnosis can be made by a urine exam, a digital rectal exam, and additional blood and urine tests. Dr. Neil baum www.Neilbaum.Com.
Not definite, but... Defining psa normal range is still in the cloud although the value of 0-4 ng/ml has been adopted a normal range for decades since its discovery in 1970. To explore more detail on psa-related subjects, please go to http://formefirst.Com/freeinfoprostate.Html and http://formefirst.Com/newauapsa.Html .
PSA. Psa is not a perfect test. If it were, everyone with a psa beyond a certain number would have prostate cancer. It is a screening tool. It cannot identify cancer but it can identify individuals who need to be looked at closer. Have the blood test annually and discuss the results with your physician or urologist.