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My one month old granddaughter has a rash on her arms and legs with her hands and feet swollen what could this be?

Pedaitric dermatolog. Can not reel from description. It is most likely eczema but there are a number of conditions that occur shortly after birth. If pediatrician is unclear see pediatric dermatolgist who has training in pediatrics and dermatology. Bthis will probably resolve within a few months, but definitlely have grandchild evaluated at large mufti doctor practice or at university dermatology program.
Inf. In 1 month old. Probably viral but at one month of age she should be seen by pcp or pediatrician. Since today is sunday consider urgent care or ed.

My 7 month old has blotchy rash over arms and legs with warm hands and feet is this bad?

Probably not. The most common causes of such a rash are a virus, a reaction to a medication, and an allergy (to a food or something else). If the baby is fussy or has a fever, see your pediatrician because it's probably a virus. If you recently started the baby on a new medication, call your doctor. If you recently introduced a new food or drink to his/her diet, stop that and see if the rash goes away.
Fifths disease. A blotchy rash on the arms and legs in a 7 month old infant speaks for fifths disease, a virus caused by parvovirus virus 19.