What is the difference between cronic and acute pancreatitis?

Pancreatitis. Acute pancreatitis elevated amylase and lipase severe pain starts epigasric area and generalizes to abdomen and back. Chronic pancreatitis generally occurs in individual with prior history and is recurrent pain same location blood work does not have to be positive.
Pancreatitis . Acute is typically an inflamed pancreas related to an injury such a stone, alcohol, toxic. If treated fast enough and appropriately most pancreas heal. In chronic pancreatitis , the damage is made and there is typically some scaring. In both cases, a pancreas expert is recommended.

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I have acute pancreatitis have been diagnosed with a psudocyst. What is the difference between a psudocyst and a cyst?

Not true cyst. If pancreas is injured trauma or inflammation, its ducts, which carry enzyme-containing juices, can become blocked. Can develop fluid-filled space called pancreatic pseudocyst. Pseudocyst isn't true cyst, because the wall of the sac is not composed of specific lining of cells characteristic of a true cyst. Read more...