I have missed my periods since 15days I did home pregnancy test on 10th day it was negative we are planning since two months also I had a miscarriage?

Try test again. Urine pregnancy tests can be positive on day 12-14 and beyond.
Timing of test. Home pregnancy test start turning positive 7-10 days after the missed period. A more sensitive blood test may be positive 2-3 days after the missed period. You may wish to see your doctor for an ultrasound examination.

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I had a miscarriage 3 months ago and have only had light 1-2 day periods since. I took a home pregnancy test and got negative what's going on?

Hormonal changes. The product of conception, hormonal changes are interdependent. It is a big event against the basic laws of nature. Takes little time to revert back to normal.

Been 7 weeks since I had a miscarriage and still no period what's going on. Could I be pregnant again home pregnancy test say negetive. What's happening why haven't I gotten a period yet?

May take 8 weeks. May take 8 weeks or more to regulate after a miscarriage. IF takes 3 months to regulate, testing for ovulation irregularity may be needed.
Possibly normal. It can take 3-6 months for your menses to resume normally after a miscarriage. Give yourself time to heal. If no menses in 3 months, could consider further evaluation by a physician.