How long are genetic counseling sessions normally?

One hour or more . Genetic counseling sessions involve taking a history, constructing a pedigree and examining the patient. Often specific test have to be ordered prior to arriving at a definitive diagnosis. This may require followup appointment. Only then can the genetic implications be discussed with the patient. The information is summarized in a letter to the referring physician and the patient.
Any length. Genetic counseling sessions vary by length. It depends on the complexity of situation, conditions discussed, whether it is the first time hearing about the condition or receiving counseling vs already familiar with condition. In general the length is anywhere between 20 minutes to 90 minutes. Usually 30-60 minutes.

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Are genetic counseling sessions confidential if the counselor doesn't have an md?

Yes. Genetic counselors and physicians are bound by the same ethical and legal rules of confidentiality. Read more...
Depends. Other licensed health care providers also are bound by federal and state confidentiality statutes, but it may be wise to read hipaa froms (fine print) carefully as to who you may be consenting to release in terms or partners, research, hospital systems etc. If the facility or provider does not have a health-related license - confidentiality can be questionable. Read more...