Kid is 4 yrs old she has tooth decay problem from 2 yrs. She has 7 tooth decayed consulted a pediatric dentist he askto refill them will she bear it?

Speak with dentist. This may be treated better in the OR. Check with the pedodontist prior to the inception of any treatment to make sure the modality of treatment is up to your expectations. Try to establish excellent home care and frequent hygiene visits to avoid caries in the permanent dentition. Also evaluate your child's diet and make sure that she is on a fluoride supplement if the water is not fluoridated.
If very severe. You may want to pursue the possibility of having the child sedated for the procedure, but be careful.
Second opinion. Yous child must be seen by another pediatric dentist for consultation and treatment. Untreated tooth decay in the primary teeth will increase the probability of problems in the permanent dentition.
Mandatory. Decayed teeth are infected teeth. Would you let infection anywhere else in your cild's body go untreated? Have the teeth made healthy, then follow pedodontist's advice to keep them that way.
Sedation. I would recommend putting your child to sleep by a nurse anesthetist. The dentist would be able to carefully fix these issues without traumatizing your child anymore.
Yes--she must! Most pediatric dentists can offer young patients nitrous oxide (laugh gas) or some sort of sedation to help them successfully complete treatment. Going forward be diligent with taking your child to the hygienist several times a year. You may consider brushing with your child using a toothpaste with fluoride. Build good habits by flossing together. Avoid sugary soft drinks and juices.
Maybe. Typically, if a 4-year-old requires extensive dental work, it is best done under sedation. Many pediatric dentists can manage doing dental work without sedation, but your child must be cooperative. You certainly don't want to leave tooth decay untreated. You should talk to the dentist about your options.