Have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer, what are the chances that this was hereditary?

About 8.5% Less then 10% of ovarian cancers are currently known to arise from inherited mutations.
Low chance. Without a family history of breast or ovarian cancer, a single case of ovarian cancer has a low risk to be caused by a single gene mutation (e.g., the brca1 or brca2 mutations). However, testing for brca can be considered with an isolated case of ovarian cancer, particularly if it is in a women under 45 or the woman has children who would be at 50% risk of inheriting a brca mutation.

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If my mother had ovarian cancer when she conceived me is there a chance she could of passed on to me without doctors being able to diagnose me?

NO. But you may have slightly higher incidence compared to normal population, some rare ovarian cancers are genetically inherited you need to see your gyn doctor regularly. Read more...