Hi, I m already on decadurabolin and testosterone propionate for weight gain! What are the dangerous effects? Deca 200mg, test 350mg/week. (16th day)

STOP! You are taking dangerous medications that have serious side effects. Find out why you need to gain weight from a reputable doctor. The danger is to your ability to have children.
Many. . . 1st, always ask about (dangerous) side effects before starting a (new) medication or undergoing a procedure. In other words, look before you leap. 2nd, there's never any need to take 2 anabolic steroids. Testosterone alone is plenty. 3rd, 1mg/kg/wk is more than enough for most, so unless you weigh 770 pounds, there's no need to take 350mg. 4th, besides infertility, there are many other issues.