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Had the first Depo-Provera shot mid cycle not during period or 5 days after, was sexually active and ovulated could you get pregnant?

Ovulated? . You don't ovulate on depoprovera. It works almost immediately. If you think you might be pregnant check then check a home pregnancy test. They are cheap, reliable and available at any pharmacy.

How long will take for me to get pregnant if I've been off my first Depo-Provera shot for three months? What are the signs that it's wearing off?

What are goals? . Why the hurry to get pregnant at age 17? Have you considered restarting your Depo-Provera shot or another birth control method to prevent a teen pregnancy? Depoprovera wears off at different rates in different people.

My hubby wants a baby, I want to know or some tips on how to get pregnant since its a month after my first Depo-Provera shot expired. Please and thank you?

Pregnancy. Depo shots last for 3 or 4 months so you will likely not get pregnant for a few months. However, when your shot wears off you should be able to get pregnant. For the average couple it will take about 6 months to get pregnant, and most experts wait a year before they consider it a problem when no pregnancy has occurred.

How soon can I get pregnant if my first Depo-Provera shot ended a week ago and I haven't gotten the next one. I've had unprotected sex twice.

Variable. Return to fertility is variable with depo. The Depo-Provera schedule is designed for the best contraceptive effectiveness and should be adhered to. If you are just one week late for your next scheduled dose you should still be protected, but the effectiveness is decreasing the longer you go.

Can you get pregnant 10 to 11 after your first Depo-Provera shot you should of been ovulating the day had sex?

Typically, no. If you had the Depot Provera (medroxyprogesterone) shot 10 days ago and then had unprotected sex, the likelihood of pregnancy is very low. You can check a pregnancy test 15 days after the incident of unprotected intercourse, but waiting that amount of time is typically safe.