Eosinophils - 9.7% hemoglobin - 12.9 g/dl hematocrit - 37% pdw - 16.5% esr-16mm/hr rdw cv - 15.4fl mean corruscularhemoglobin- 34pg please advise.?

What is the WBC? The percentage of eosinophils depends on what the total WBC is. Overall, those indices appear normal. However. If your white blood count is 20, 000, then 9% eosinophils is high. Hope this helps.
Need more info. It is important to know more details such as the total white blood count, other types of white blood cells (the differential), platelet count. Also why was this CBC drawn? A common reason for elevated eosinophils and ESR is due to allergic reactions and some parasitic infections. Please post this question again with additional details.