When the doctor went in to take out fluids from the lung the fluid also had blood can it be lung cancer? They also said that there were spots on lungs

Several causes. There are several causes for presence of blood in pleural fluid, cancer being one of them. The procedure itself can sometimes cause slight bleeding which can show up in the fluid. Your doctor will do additional testing (ct scans, biopsy, pleural fluid analysis for cancer cells etc.) depending on the clinical picture to confirm the diagnosis. Talk to you doctor about this.
Many reasons. Blood in the fluid around the lungs (a pleural effusion) can be from many things such as inflammation, infections and cancer. Your physician will send the fluid for analysis to determine why the fluid was present.

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Doctors said I have anxiety. Scared that I have lung cancer which makes me think it's cause a blood clot cause my calf hurts. Could this be anxiety?

GO TO ER If. If you are obese or sedentary, have new onset calf pain with redness/swelling /pain, shortness of breath, dizziness, anxiety, bluish skin. These could be signs not of cancer but a clot traveling from leg to lung which is a pulmonary embolism. Life threatening. Please seek medical attention immediately. You are describing classic signs. Better safe than sorry. Take care.

25, 9 pack history, clearcxr, coughed small spot of blood, lung cancer?? Clear throat Alot

Not yet. It takes about 20+ years of smoking before Cancer shows up in your throat or in the lungs. This is high time to quit before lightening strokes and you may not have another opportunity to quit smoking in order to regain good healath.

Doctors said that my shortness of breath and back pain is anxiety after blood tests and chest xray in Dec. But I think lung cancer, chances?

Small. Chest xray was several months ago but is reassuring. You are young. What risk factors exist? Is chest pain rib or chest wall pain? Another check up can reassure you. Shortness of breath can be further evaluated with spirometry. Can you walk and exercise?
Further evaluation. Lung cancer doesn't appear likely and stress and tension certainly can cause these symptoms. However, if symptoms persist, I recommend further testing such as EKG, echocardiogram, chest cat scan, pulmonary function testing, spine xrays for reassurance. However, your physician is best qualified to advise you.
Extremely. Low chance of cancer based on your age, symptoms, and negative work up.

25yrsold, 9yrsmokinghistory, coughed up tar and an isolated spot of blood, small amount, clearcxr, no othersymptoms, lung cancer?? Lungs xound clear also

Unlikely. One of the best decisions you can ever make is to stop smoking now. There are innumerable negative health effects associated with smoking. With that being said, your presentation is more consistent with bronchitis, a small amount of blood is no cause for worry. Lung cancer in a young person is highly unlikely, follow up with your doctor for persistent blood or worsening symptoms.

Hi Doctor, I have pain in my lower right lung since last 6 months. I am non smoker. Breathing is fine. No blood in cough. Is this lung cancer?

At 29, not likely. Firstly, you know that you are having pain in the lower right side of your chest. What you don't know is whether that pain is in your lungs. Pain from internal organs may be referred to other places - like gall bladder inflammation may be felt as pain the right shoulder. Am more concerned about your fears of cancer than any real risk. See your doctor for assessment and perhaps counseling.

Clear cxr, 25yrs old, 9packhistory, quit2mnthsago, coughed up small amount of blood, doc says lungs sound clear, clear throat alot, lung cancer??

Blood. At 25yo it would be unlikely to have lung cancer, but none-the-less, truly coughing up blood is something that needs to be evaluated further. A simple Chest-Xray would be recommended to assure all is well. Congrats on the Smoking cessation! Keep it up-Do not go back to smoking and get checked out. Best wishes.
House cleaning. Your body is, that is, but your usual environment might need it too. After stopping smoking, can easily take 6-12 months for the lungs to expel all the 'ick' (medical word) built up in them (tar/soot/etc.), so can see this for a while. Vaporizer can help if gets bad / irritated. If your living area still smells like an ashtray, helps to wash down / clean / ventilate for lungs and will power.

What are tell tell signs of lung cancer? I have coughed up blood, I have been having upper/middle back pain, and when I went to the doctor they said I had low vitamin d I just wanted a second opinion on what these symptoms might be.

Weight. Weight loss, spitting up blood, lack of appetite and energy along with abnormal cxr or ct chest (spot of chesr x ray or ct chest) are all suggestive of cancer. Sometimes coughing too hard/bronchitis can lead to blood in sputum as well besides lung cancer.
The. The ways to identify someone with lung cancer are dependent as to whether they are found by screening or symptoms. The major symptoms associated with lung cancer are cough, with or without blood (hemoptysis), chest pain, shortness of breath, and weight loss.

25 yr old 8 yr pack hsty, quit 2mnths ago, clear throat alot, gums bleed spontaneously, doc says lungs sound clear, spit blood, lung cancer?? 3 e.r. vis

Not cancer. I'm really glad you quit smoking. Ask your personal physician about a referral to an otolaryngologist and a dentist who's gum-savvy. I'm going to trust your routine labs, including platelets, are within normal limits. Cancer almost never results from just 8 years of smoking at your age.