I missed my bc in the time spand of 4 days than I had unprotected sex and miss my pill that day am I pregnant?

Possibly. Any time bc pill is missed, u are at risk for pregnancy during the rest of the cycle & should use alternate method of prevention (like foam & condom). Get home pregnancy test, run it. Increase Folic Acid just in case u are pregnant. If test negative, repeat in couple days or see ob/gyn/fp for blood pregnancy test. Avoid alcohol, drugs, meds that might injure fetus until your pregnancy status sure.

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I been on Depo-Provera for six months but got off of it in July and got switch too the pills I missed a couple of days and had unprotected sex can I be pregna?

Possible. Unprotected sex is always a risk for pregnancy as well as sexually transmitted diseases. If you missed a few pills, it is possible. Home pregnancy test about 3 wks or more after sex would help determine if you are pregnant. Read more...

Lastnight I missed by bc pill. This morning I had unprotected sex. Could I possibly become pregant? Should I take a morning after pill?

If you have been. Consistently taking your birth control pill as prescribed and have only missed one day - it would be very unlikely to for you to become pregnant. You can take yesterday's pill and today's pill today. Read more...