My right side of the face is swollen bad there's a huge ball on the inside top right of my mouth/cheek....What can I do to get rid of the swelling?

Get Treatment!! Swelling is often a sign of infection. The location if your swelling would suggest a possible tooth abcess. It most likely won't go away without treatment. See a doctor or dentist asap for evaluation and treatment!
?Tooth abscess. Could be a tooth abscess especially the molars/premolars . There may an unerupted molar tooth going for caries / caries in an erupted tooth causing the tooth abscess.Needs to be xrayed, bad tooth to be pulled out, abtibiotic +& the pus needs to be let out.As there are risk of dental infection eroding into maxillary sinusabove the tooth, risk of infn. Mixing with blood go to er /dentist asap.