What causes the vision distortions with migraine headaches?

Spreading depression. We believe that migraine proceeds from the back of brain forwards with a neuronal inhibition starting over the occipital lobe, and mediated by changes in the brain stem, especially locus ceruleus. The visual process is not retinal, but brain mediated, and the term is called "spreading depression of leao".
Migraine and vision. The visual disturbances are inherent to certain migraine types due to the electrical changes and impulses that occur in the brain as part of the headache complex. You should see a doctor who specializes in headache (neurologist). The neurologist can perform a wide array of tests including blood-work, imaging tests, and perform a work-up to rule out the cause of the headaches.
Electrical discharge. The visual changes often occur as a central arc of shimmering colored light that gradually expands and then dissipates. This phenomenon suggests that a pulsating front of neural discharge marches through the brain.
Brain changes. Visual illusions have been a topic for many decades. Oliver sacks has written a great deal about them, most recently in his book hallucination. Brain changes occur during migraine that cause the illusions. Lewis carroll had migraines that caused effects he described in his stories to alice. We now call them alice in wonderland effects in migraine. Exact cause is still uncertain.

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I also have ocular migraine headaches in which I experience disturbed vision in my eye, so what is the problem?

Another migraine for. One of the many forms of migraines these are neurotransmitter dysfunction and they need to be rebalance to resolve the migraines visit www. Neuroscciencemyths. Com to learn about the migraines and to find a doctor.
Ocular migraine. Ocular migraines can be triggered by hormone changes, such as pregnancy or birth control pills. There are many other triggers like caffein, chocolate, and stress. Symptoms are usually flashing / zig zag lights in the vision and typically is both eyes and last 5-30 minutes.

What causes migraine headaches?

Numerous causes. There are several causes for migraine headaches. See PCP. IF HE CANNOT find the cause then we look at environmental hormonal and nutritional deficiencies. Visit us at www. Ehacstl. Com to learn how we treat the underlying causes.

Does anyone else suffer visual distortions before migraine headaches?

Absolutely! 60% of people who experience migraines report having warning symptoms that occur hours to days before the headache starts. These symptoms can include changes in vision, mood changes, light or sound sensitivity, and others.
Yes, very often. Visual distortions are often part of the aura that precedes the onset of headache in patient with classical migraines. Use this! Often, if you take your abortive medication as soon as the aura starts, you will be able to stop the headache before it becomes debilitating. Remember- earlier is better!

Can you tell me about suffer visual distortions pre-migraine headaches?

Classical migraine. The visual distortions are auras associated with the onset of the event and are due to a chemical electrical alteration of neuronal function called a spreading depression which causes malfunction in the occipital lobe initially resulting in the visual scotoma or loss of vision.
Aura. Many people suffer a variety of different visual disturbances prior to developing a migraine. This is known as an aura. The disturbances may vary from seeing black wiping out part of your visual field, to seeing wavy lines or spots before your eyes, that may even persist once your eyes are closed. For more information on migraines see: http://understandingmigraine. Blogspot. Com/

What would be the most common causes and best remedies for migraine headaches?

Who knows. That's the billion dollar question--whoever comes up with a universal answer will be a billionaire. Unfortunately, causes and types of migraine are so varied there is no simple, common treatment that works for everyone (or for even a majority). You need to discover what causes your migraines and eliminate those causes from your life if possible to even begin to figure out the answer for you.
Migrane? Is a complex condition, and the best way to treat is prevention and there are medication for that now.
Consider Surgery. Surgery for migraines is very promising. I perform 1-2 per week and have had incredible results. Patients frequency and duration of migraines are significantly diminished. I perform minimally invasive outpatient surgery. Many patients are able to stop prescription medications. Patients need to know their are other options other than taking prescription medications that are very effective.

Can certain drugs trigger migraine headaches? Is it possible for some drugs or medications to be the cause of migraine headaches? .

Yes, potentially. If one looks in pdr, one would think that all drugs could cause headaches, but some are more often the culprits. Watch out for female hormonal agents, medicines used for blood pressure control, items to control thyroid fnctn, some ms and anti-epileptic drugs, just to name a few.

What are the causes and treatments of migraine headaches?

Many things. The cause is not known. Triggers are present in 85% such as stress and lack of sleep. For acute attacks, ibuprofen, naproxen, and Excedrin will relieve many attacks. If not, your doctor can prescribe a triptan medication which may be more effective. If your headaches are frequent, you may benefit from a daily preventive medication (beta blockers, antidepressants, topiramate, and divalproex sodium).
Migraine. Migraines are genetically acquired headaches, usually triggered by poor sleep, stress, weather and hormone changes and certain medications. The most common trigger is diet- tyramine, nitrates/ nitrates, caffeine, msg, alcohol, etc. The best treatment includes avoidance and control of triggers. There are numerous medications to prevent and treat headaches (topiramate, triptans, betablocker, etc.).
Treatment options. Migraine is very common. Oral medications, diet modification, and addressing environmental triggers are first line treatments. If those don't work, then Botox and nerve blocks may help. For those who can't seem to get relief in any other way, surgery can offer long-lasting relief.
Identify triggers. There are certain foods and aspects of lifestyle that can trigger or worsen headaches and migraines. The best way to identify triggers is to maintain a headache diary and keep a list of foods eaten before your migraine. Common triggers include chocolate, caffeine, cheese, msg, processed meats, alcohol, smoking/being around smoke, stress, skipping meals, lack of sleep or too much sleep.