Can you have a low grade fever lasting 2-3 weeks with the flu?

No. Influenza would have resolved entirely within 7 to 10 days, unless you have secondary complications. Do not know what you mean be a low grade fever, and need to know what other symptoms you may be having. See a doctor for this.

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What to do if I have the flu with a low grade fever, could I take a shower or is that a bad idea?

Yes. Yes. You can take a shower, it is healthy for you and those around you. Try to let the water run at room temperature or cooler. Avoid warm or hot water.

He is congecgion, swollen lymph node, runny nose, cough, nausiea, hot flashes, a low grade fever, and fategue. The neighbors​ smoke. Is it the flu?

Could be. Though headache and muscle pains are usually part of a flu syndrome. Does sound like a virus of some kind.
Infection vs allergy. Well for is a possibility I would consider other infection or allergy or combination. We need to get the information from your valuation to help make the diagnosis. You can be tested for the flu is well. You may need anti-infectious medications.

My daughter had the flu and it seems to be over but still has a low grade fever of 99.5, and a mild sore throat. Why would 99.5 still be lingering?

Not a fever. I know we are all taught growing up that a normal temperature is 98.6, but that's an average. In the world of pediatrics anything less than 100.4 is considered within normal range. While you may be used to your child having a temperature lower than her current 99.5 it's still considered okay.

I had the flu 17 days ago and still have flu like symtoms such as fatigue diziness and 2 eye infections. Low grade fever and musle and joint aches, ?

More tests. Would recommend you see your doctor and obtain more testing, because this sounds like a more significant infection than a simple virus.